Dawn of Cyborgs (2016)



Your cyborg friends have been kidnapped! Fight through the enemy base to save them!

My Features

AI Enemies

Map Loading

Map System


Collision Detection

Character Select Screen

Audio System

Sprite Animation System

Entity Manager

Scene Manager

Controller Support


This project was done in a team of 4. This was the first full 2D game we did. We learnt up many cool things along the way way, such as using the hotspot collision detection method, as well as to optimise the way we stored our tile maps by splitting the 32 bits in an unsigned integer, and using different bits to store different information, so that we could have multiple things in 1 tile space. Due to the limitations of our original sprite animation and mesh system, I also had to separate our mesh and texture, which were originally bound to each other, and created systems to handle them. Overall, the project went smoothly and was fun to do.

Enemy AI Demo

Fight AI enemies!

Multiple characters to choose from!

Each character has a super power! (Eg. Shield, Increased Rate of Fire, Heal)