War Space (2016)



A sandbox 3D space flight game.

My Features

Player Controls

Ship Movement (freely rotate on 3 axis, physics-based flight controls, etc.)

AI Enemies

Asteroid Mining


This project was done in a team of 4. We had to create a 3D Scene using OpenGL. This is one of the toughest project I’ve done and also one of my proudest. There were many challenges that we had to overcome in order to complete the project.

At the time, we were new to object oriented programming, and still did not know how to apply it properly. We were also overly ambitious with our original project scope. As such, we hit massive obstacles during the development, and were severely behind schedule. 60% into the project and near the deadline, we had to restart as further development was impossible.

Fortunately, by this point we had understood how to apply object oriented programming, and with better planning and a more realistic project scope, we were able to plan out the project better, refocus our priorities, and do the project much faster than originally, and turn the situation around. We even managed to include various features which were not taught yet at that time of the project, such as fully physics-based space flight (with acceleration, inertia etc), with the ability to rotate along all 3 axis, a simple form of spatial partitioning, and accurate collision detection and ray-casting.

War Space Trailer

Skirmish with AI enemies.

Mine asteroids to fix your ship.