Pool Game (2016)



A 2 player turn-based Pool game made for a physics assignment. Made in Visual Studio 2013 with OpenGL for Windows.

This is a pool game made for my Programming Physics module. Using what I had learnt, the game features accurate collision detection and response between the objects. It also shows the trajectory the balls are going to go when aiming. The pillars with a B are Bouncy Pillars which bounces the ball with greater velocity. The pillars with S are Slow Pillars that slows the ball down significantly, and pillars with E are Elastic Pillars that bounces the ball without the ball losing or gaining any velocity.


Accurate Collision Detection/Response

3D Camera

Ball Trajectory

Rolling Balls

Game Feature Demonstration

The trajectory shows which direction the cue ball and collided ball will travel.

Colliding with the Slow Pillar will slow the ball down. Colliding with the Bouncy Pillar will cause the ball to speed up.